Photo of Poole Sewage storm tank prior to repair with trees in the background

Poole Sewage Treatment Works

Wessex Water’s treatment works treat millions of litres of sewage every day.  Southern Concrete Services were contracted by Damar Group to assist in the renovation of a storm water tank at Poole Sewage Treatment Works.

Scope of Works: Repairs and water-proofing of floor joints and wall cracks to the concrete storm water tanks.

It was detected on the initial visit the storm water tank had not been used for a considerable time and consequently areas of existing expansion joints material had broken down and were now failing.  In addition to this, cracking had appeared in the tank walls.

The works consisted of removing the existing failed product and carrying out patch repairs where concrete had deteriorated within the joints.  The surface was then ground off using diamond tipped floor grinders.  This was to remove all grime and debris to ensure good adhesion for the bandage work.  DW2 approved adhesive and hypalon bandage was applied in accordance with the manufacturers’ recommendations over the wall joints and wall cracks.

The storm water tank will now competently with hold the forces of holding water when required.

Project Outline:




Water Works
Water Works
Water Works


St Michael's Abbey with a blue sky
Historical Buildings

St Michael’s Abbey

Southern Concrete Services undertook specialist stone cleaning works at St Michael’s Abbey using Remmers Arte Mundit.  The Abbey was built circa 1880 by Empress Eugenie

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Picture of finished Romney Sports Block with polished floor
Sports Facilities

Romney Sports Block

Southern Concrete Services  replaced a failed asphalt floor system and repaired a defective concrete floor at Romney Sports Block.  In addition we installed new flooring

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View of repaired, waterproofed Sludge Tank against a clear blue sky
Water Companies

Wells Sludge Tanks

Southern Concrete Services were contracted to waterproof the Wells Sludge Tanks prior to the onslaught of Glastonbury Festival. Using brushes and rollers, Southern Concrete Services

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Quality is driven throughout the company by senior management through to site tradespersons. We hold quality assurance standard ISO9001 which means that all of our processes are monitored and audited throughout the project lifetime to ensure that works are carried out in accordance with the specification and agreed standards.

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