Picture of finished Romney Sports Block with polished floor

Romney Sports Block

Southern Concrete Services  replaced a failed asphalt floor system and repaired a defective concrete floor at Romney Sports Block.  In addition we installed new flooring and sports markings and were appointed by Babcock Services as the main contractor.

Initially, all the posts, fixings and asphalt floor coatings had to be removed. The surface of the floor was then vacuum blasted and diamond ground, providing a key as well as helping to remove all loose surface materials.

Following extensive preparation, the surface was thoroughly cleaned and two coats of BASF’s epoxy DPM were applied.  In addition, an oil tolerant primer was also needed due to the
building’s previous uses.

The primed surface was then coated using BASF Mastertop 1324, BC375N along with a top coat of BASF TC407WP, providing a tough, flexible smooth polyurethane floor.

Romney Sports Block returned to a fully utilised sports hall as soon as the work had been completed.

Project Outline: Replace flooring

Main Contractor: Babcock Services


Sports Facilities
Sports Facilities
Sports Facilities


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Quality is driven throughout the company by senior management through to site tradespersons. We hold quality assurance standard ISO9001 which means that all of our processes are monitored and audited throughout the project lifetime to ensure that works are carried out in accordance with the specification and agreed standards.

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