Major repair and refurbishment work for Aster Housing Association at Acre Court in Andover.

acer court Andover

Southern Concrete Services are proud to be working as part of the team completing major repair and refurbishment works for Aster Housing Association at Acre Court in Andover.

Working on behalf of Greendale Construction, an award-winning Chartered Builders also based in Dorset, this has been a complex project due to the initial survey commissioned by Aster only revealing a fraction of the major repairs required.

Once work commenced the extent of the corrosion within the concrete structures across the site were revealed.

The housing association site consists of three blocks of flats within a horseshoe shape, with refurbishment and repair required to all balconies and communal walkways.

Our specialist team are breaking out all damaged concrete, repairing and cleaning all exposed steel and then using Remmers HQ6 flowable mortar to repair the structures.

To enhance the lifespan of the new concrete (and to meet the 10-year guarantee for the works requested by the client). Southern Concrete Services has been working closely with the technical advisor at Remmers, as we apply their Migrating Corrosion Inhibitors (MCI) to all the new concrete. 

We are also adding a fairing coat and an anti-carbonating coating to all repair works as we complete this initial stage on the critical path for the ongoing refurbishment across this large site.

Our specialist team provide a comprehensive range of repair, refurbishment and maintenance services for all structures from car parks to bridges, as well as commercial and industrial structures, including both historic and residential buildings.

We are fully qualified to asses your requirements and offer the best solution. Our general approach is to conduct an assessment of the concrete to identify the extent of the repairs required, followed by the removal and replacement of the damaged concrete, then the application of a highly protective coating to maintain it. All works comply with BS EN1504 – products and systems for the protection and repair of concrete structures.

acer court scaffolding
concrete balcony repair
concrete walkway repair

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