Repaired staircase and staircase showing damaged steel and concrete

Tandridge Leisure Centre

Southern Concrete Services were employed as a specialist principle contractor to carry out structural steel repair work and staircase concrete repairs to Tandridge Leisure Centre at the request of Freedom Leisure

A site inspection of the staircase had revealed evidence that patch repairs had been undertaken in the past and there were signs of cracking, water ingress and rusting of the reinforcement within.  Due to extremely high chloride levels and the environment, it was deemed necessary to install CPT PatchGuard anodes.   The concrete repairs were completed using Sika MonoTop 610, 615 and 620.

The horizontal brace at the lower level had been compromised by the environmental conditions with severe corrosion and the structural integrity had been affected.  This was replaced along with various other structural steel connections.

These works were undertaken whilst the leisure facility remained fully operational.  We accommodated this by providing additional facilities for our operatives working in high humidity and temperate conditions.

The scheme was completed within a tight works programme and within all budget constraints.

tandrige leisure centre


Viewpoint showing repaired timbers, balustrades and handrails
Residential Buildings

Viewpoint flats, Weymouth

Southern Concrete Services were employed by NHBC as a specialist principal contractor to undertake an investigation and subsequent repairs to rotten timbers at Viewpoint flats

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